Boiler cloud service

ZOZEN provides “Consultant & Steward” services throughout the life cycle of entire investment project, consisting of such stages as before-sale consultation, solution design, equipment manufacturing, installation instructions, spare parts supply, and production line operation.

Everything we do, only to let customers get more benefits in the market to get more business opportunities to create more value for our customers and the community.

Our Services

24/7 Online Service

We have professional consumer service team, online to answer any question about boilers and autoclaves.

Factory Tour

Clients in different countries or regions is welcomed to visit our factory in Yixing. Advanced boiler engineers and sales managers will whole accompany with you.

Personal Tailor

ZOZEN engineers accept personal tailor. Based on your requirements and factory condition, our engineers will give you most suitable and economical plan to your business. Some models have not been listed in parameter lists.

Timely Quotation

We have mature quotation system. Packaged boiler body and auxiliaries price are mostly fixed. field-assembled boiler is a little complicated. All sales will quote you with clear, correct, specific and timely.

Direct Installation and Operation

Most packaged boilers will be installed by local installation team, and ZOZEN provides engineer remote service. As to field-assembled boilers, we also can send advanced project engineers to projects sites, solving all technical problems until boilers put into operation.

One Year Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance

Free to replace boiler parts within one year. And ZOZEN provides a lifetime service guarantee. We also have 24/7 consumer online service, you can contact us whenever necessary.

Our Story


  • Founding and early growth

In the fall of 1988, our founder, Mr. Zhang guoping, was invited by the government of Zhoutie Town to build a boiler plant, which later grew into a specialized boiler producer having 80 employees and an annual turnover of RMB 37 million in 2004.

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  • Continued investment and expanded business

ZOZEN further increased its investment in equipment, expanded its manufacturing space and introduced new technologies in the years that followed. In 2011, with an annual turnover of RMB 300 million and 20 patents in its name, ZOZEN became a top brand in China’s boiler market; but we did not stop there.

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  • Looking into the future

ZOZEN saw 80% of its manufacturing automated in 2017. We now have 400 employees and 59 patents, and our annual turnover has reached RMB 600 million. Being one of China's top boiler suppliers, ZOZEN is now looking to serve a global market.

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